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Canary Wharf London

Designing Brilliance, Elevating Presence: Your Logo, Website, Google Campaigns, and Strategic Consulting Hub.

Welcome to Corpowise Media House!

Discover Our Passion and Shine Online Like a Superstar.

We specialize in creating beauty and style, with years of expertise in designing brands across various industries, particularly in the Beauty industry. Our journey began with a deep passion for aesthetics and technology, which has transformed us into experts in branding and design.

Thanks to our knowledge and support, we've gained recognition as a company that can understand your needs intuitively. Now it's your turn to feel special.

We've launched a unique and innovative project, the Social Media Power & Business Club, tailored just for you.

Be sure to explore our online store, where you can access a variety of services to enhance the online presence of your salon. Additionally, we offer comprehensive promotion and advertising solutions for Beauty businesses, as well as other industries.

Feel empowered to extend your brand's reach and impact with Corpowise Media House.


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"I am very pleased with the services and support I received from Corpowise. Their professionalism, dedication, and effectiveness in addressing my needs and problems exceeded my expectations. The customer service was excellent. The services they offer are of high quality, and the company cares about customer satisfaction. I recommend this company to anyone looking for reliable branding services and excellent customer service. Thank you."


Anna Ferenc

"Hello! I'm delighted to have come across such a competent individual as Basia. Something that greatly helped me in constructing my e-commerce store is undoubtedly Basia's expertise, amazing taste, and very quick response to any changes. It's great that she often came up with ideas herself when I had no idea what to do and how. I highly recommend her, especially in terms of website design, as she can truly do it with great taste! I wholeheartedly recommend her :)"

Albert Rzekiec

"Good prices,

Done my website and online store within few days.Very happy with a design and logo, very impressive.

Barbara done a great job."


Steve Harvey

"Very helpful in finding the best solution for my portfolio.

Great communication, timing, and availability.

I am very happy with my design and logo."

*****Highly recommended****"


Karol Chwalek

"I highly recommend this company; they can read your mind🙂 and know what you need. Very efficient and reliable, communication at the highest level. I recommend!!!"

Asia Wojaczek

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